TRW Tools

Over 100 years, TRW has built a worldwide reputation for creating the highest quality automotive aftermarket products with an innovative edge. Our aim has always been to engineer the safest, most durable high performance products that make fitment simple, accurate and cost effective. TRW tools are a clear example of this ethos, offering easy operation and versatility to save you time and money.


Engineered for efficiency

Everything we create and engineer is designed to help you to deliver work of the highest standards, profitably and efficiently. Our range of TRW tools includes two Electric Brake Bleeding Units with different capacities: the 20-litre Brake Bleeder and 5-litre Brake Bleeder. Naturally, they both perform seamlessly and transform this messy, routine work into a quick and precise safety task. Neither of these reliable units uses compressed air, and they both have an automatic ‘stop’ function that activates when the container is empty, which contributes to operational life and reliability.


Simple solutions

Our range also includes the TRW Aftermarket Brake Fluid Tester - a vital piece of equipment that helps you to complete jobs in less time without compromising accuracy. It measures the boiling point of brake fluid in less than a minute, independent of atmospheric influence, giving a precise indication of water penetration, time after time. Even the thoughtfully designed, durable carry case makes it easier and quicker to move around your workspace.


A fast, efficient job

TRW tools are a model of simplicity and functionality, helping you get the job done in the most efficient, effective way possible.