Corner Module

Original solutions are never just a copy of an existing model – they’re designed and built from the ground up to meet the real world challenges your customers face every day. They’re based on the latest insights, discovered through direct research and development relationships with major motor manufacturers around the world. And because they’re designed not just to meet standards but to be the best real world solution, they can far exceed manufacturer specifications. 


Consistent quality

TRW’s Corner Module brings you braking, steering and suspension parts that fit perfectly every time. Our Corner Module innovations span the decades: including the first disc brakes in 1952, the Colette caliper in 1975 and the Electric Park Brake (EPB) in 2001. Because we work so closely with OE manufacturers you’ll always be sure of getting the latest parts and technology from TRW.


A complete solution

To get the best results from Original Equipment you need the best installation, so we’ll help you do a great job by giving you unique aftermarket support. For example, most of our Corner Module components come with fitting kits that help you get a perfect fit, fast. That means you can give the same excellent service, every time – and your customer can rely on the best performance, every time. 


Ongoing innovation

TRW’s innovation team make it their business to be at the forefront of technological innovation bringing more effective, efficient and safer products to market for you and your customers. That’s more than 6000 specialist automotive designers, engineers and scientists working on our products, building on over 100 years of technical innovation and manufacturing expertise in one corner of the car. 


You can be sure that every TRW replacement part meets vehicle manufacturer specifications and comes with all of the necessary accessories to make a perfect fit, every time. And we’ve invested heavily to ensure we have unrivalled coverage for the parts that make up the TRW Corner Module.


Around the world

TRW offers the widest choice of Corner Module products across passenger car, light commercial and heavy commercial vehicles. We do more than just design and manufacture braking, steering and suspension parts. We invest hundreds of thousands of Euros on the data that ensures we offer the right range for each market – from cars and large goods vehicles to our light commercial vehicle (LCV) offer. What’s more, our extensive range includes solutions for most Asian car applications. That means you can give your customers excellent service from a premium range that offers increasingly wide coverage. We’ve invested heavily to cover this growing vehicle parc and provide the comprehensive, accurate cataloguing that customers need to identify these parts. Across the globe, we’re bringing you the latest innovations and developments for braking, steering and suspension parts as soon as vehicle manufacturers get them. 


We define the standards

TRW helps to define the original equipment (OE) standards for braking, steering and suspension systems. That’s why we understand what it takes to make OE standard replacement parts that fit seamlessly into a wide range of vehicle systems. And that’s why the TRW Corner Module offers braking, steering and suspension parts that withstand the dynamic forces a car endures day in, day out.


Discs and Pads

Because we produce not just discs and brake pads but every type of vehicle safety solution, no one knows better than we do how work together to protect the passengers inside. We design and build our discs to be a balanced part of the braking dynamic. That’s why TRW brake discs and pads mean the most efficient fit for you, best quality for your customer, and the best results for your business.



We offer you exceptional coverage from a refined brake caliper range. That means less time searching for parts and more time fitting them, keeping jobs moving through the garage to increase business. With TRW, you can enjoy the convenience of buying a wide range of new and remanufactured products from the same source, with the same level of warranty. Every box contains the caliper plus all fitting accessories and multi-lingual fitting instructions needed to fit fast and fit right.


Shock Absorbers

You can source shocks faster with us because our refined range has one of the most sophisticated application lists on the market. And you can fit fast because we analyse the OE-Products down to all technical details before designing our product,to make sure there are no significant differences between TRW shocks and OE equivalents. Braking distances can be cut by up to 5% when shocks are replaced in pairs. So, because safety is our number one priority, we’re leading the market by making them available to buy in twin-packs. Changing in pairs is safer because it equalizes the damping force across both shocks. It can reduce braking distance by up to 5% on emergency stops


View the catalogue

You can view our entire range in our comprehensive catalogue on paper and online, so getting hold of the parts you need couldn’t be easier. The user-friendly catalogue is divided into four clearly marked sections and includes supersessions and an application section. It also includes an in- depth buyers guide and a handy OE cross-referencing section with diagrams to help with identification.